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Event Services

Road Route Planning

One of the services that OTM provide on vehicle launches and automotive events is the detailed planning, development and implementation of road routes and test drives.

  • Full route planning, development and test drives

  • Consideration of the type of vehicle, any specific elements that are to be highlighted and the style of driving

  • Multiple routes to suit the timings of your event and the requirements of your delegates

  • Satellite Navigation programming of all your event vehicles, whether you are using standalone units, inbuilt navigation systems or a combination of the two

  • Printed "hard-copy" routes completed on site after a final drive to check for last minute changes to the road situations

  • Local Authorities checked to plan for upcoming road works and events on the suggested routes

  • Front-of-House staff with detailed knowledge of Sat-Nav systems

With extensive experience of working throughout Europe as well as the UK, OTM are ideally suited to provide all the route planning services for your event .

Why have pre-designed Test Drives ?


There are clear benefits for both the vehicle manufacturer or event host and the invited delegates in the utilisation of pre planned routes, from the feedback on the vehicle to the overall management of the event.

Benefits for the event host


Demonstrate the vehicle in its designed environment:


It is imperative to demonstrate a new vehicle within its preferred operating environment to maximize the positive feedback from the delegates.

Pre-determining the route ensures that the vehicle is not driven for extended periods of time outside of this preferred environment.

It ensures that any driven route does not take in roads which will be detrimental to the driving experience including: Badly maintained/potholed roads, areas with large amounts of traffic calming measures, areas with high traffic volume, roadworks, dangerous or awkward junctions.


Manage the vehicles performance characteristics:


There may be a requirement from time to time to limit the use of a vehicle on a particular style of driving such as ensuring a brand new, small engined vehicle is not subjected to steep inclines immediately from the start.

Manage the event timings:


Utilising pre-planned routes with known driving times, means you will have an understanding of when delegates will, or should be, returning to the event at the end of their test drive.

This enables better utilisation and management of the vehicles, particularly if there is increased interest in one model or derivative, enabling the drive time to be limited to a shorter route, or providing an indication of when a vehicle will become available for use.

Benefits to the invited delegates

The purpose of providing the delegates with a pre-planned road route is to maximize the positive perception of the vehicle.  The provision of a route will aid this in a number of ways:

Maximize the delegates driving experience of the vehicle


The delegate has been invited to get the best driving experience possible from the vehicle. Without the distraction of planning the journey and timing, especially when driving in an area they are not familiar with, a pre-designed test drive route will allow the delegate to concentrate on the vehicle and its driving specification including:

  • The “Feel and Style” of the vehicles driving characteristics

  • The handling capabilities of the vehicle

  • The engine and its performance characteristics

  • Features contained within the vehicle i.e. new technology


A well planned combination of urban driving, medium size country roads and dual carriageways and faster roads, depending on the vehicle, will provide the delegate with an interesting route specifically integrated with the driving style of the vehicle.


Additionally, if the possible areas of driving that could cause concern or complaints are removed before the delegates utilises the vehicle, the better the experience.

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